What’s in Store for 2024?

What’s in Store for 2024?
Hasn’t 2023 flown by? One minute we’re getting couples costumes ready for Valentine’s Day, the next we’re trying on Santa suits! As the year winds up, we’re taking this opportunity to look ahead to see what is going to be big in 2024. With some huge movies and the return of some TV favourites, 2024 is set to be filled with lots of new costumes to choose from!

New Year’s Fashions

Why not ring in the new year with a costume party? The top dress-up party themes are 1920s flapper parties, disco hits (and misses!), and heroes and villains parties. It’s the perfect time of year to step up your celebrations and start the new year in style!

Summer of Fun!

One of our favourite activities over the summer is playing spot the costume at the cricket and the tennis. Whether it’s a row of Teletubbies or a pack of minions, a battalion of Stormtroopers or a single Where’s Wally, the commentators and the crowd get a kick out of costumes! With plenty of festivals and sporting events to attend, there are lots of opportunities to don a costume and be the life of the party!

Couple Goals for Valentine’s Day

The couple that cosplays together stays together! The hottest new couples costumes this year were Victor and Emily from The Corpse Bride and Morticia and Gomez Addams from the Addams Family. Want something a little different? Try the Uno pair of Reverse Card and Wild Card! It’ll be game-on at your next cards night!

Be Prepared for St Patrick’s Day

The year saw the addition of Good Luck Bear from the Care Bears. This fun costume is perfect for celebrating the luck of the Irish for St Patrick’s Day and can work for everything from 1980s parties to kids parties, couples costumes and winter pjs!
The Beer Buddy ride-on costume is another fun St Patrick’s Day costume that is great for Oktoberfest as well. Otherwise, find your favourite green character and raise a glass in March. From the Riddler and Poison Ivy, Dipsy and Tinker Bell to The Hulk and a Green Dragon, there are green options for every St Patrick’s Day style.

The Easter Bunny is Coming

An Easter Bunny costume makes a fun event for the kids when hiding their eggs. The Deluxe Bunny Mascot is returning just in time for Easter, so keep an eye out, before he hops away again!

Movies to Watch Out For

There are lots of movies coming out in 2024 to get dressed up for! We’re super excited for Deadpool 3 and Despicable Me 4. Beetlejuice is giving us a long-awaited sequel in 2024. With much of the original cast returning, including Michael Keaton, Catherine O’Hara and Wynona Ryder, and the addition of Jenna Ortego to the cast, we can’t wait to head to the cinemas and yell out “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice” and watch the mayhem that ensues!
We’re also keenly awaiting Joker 2 – with Joaquin Phoenix reprising his role as the Joker and featuring Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn. Expected in October 2024 this is likely to bring out a hoard of Jokers and Harley Quinns at Halloween!
The other big movie to look out for in 2024 is the Wicked movie. Based on the hit Broadway musical, it tells the story of the witches from The Wizard of Oz and stars Ariana Grande, Michelle Yeoh, Jeff Goldblum and the breakout star of The Greatest Showman, Keala Settle. We know this movie will be Defying Gravity as it races up the charts and there are bound to be lots of witchy outfits as a result of this release, due in November 2024. 

The Best Year of Bluey Ever!

Everyone’s favourite family of blue heelers is set to have a huge year in 2024! With the upcoming longest Bluey episode ever on the calendar, as well as the recent announcement of the interactive Bluey experience in Queensland, Bluey fans will be jumping for joy! We’ll definitely be donning our Heeler family costumes for a trip to this event once it opens in August. I wonder if they’ll let us on the plane in our costumes???

Wednesday is Coming Back for More!

Another hit TV show with new offerings in 2024 is Wednesday, which is returning for season 2. This Netflix show has rekindled our love for The Addams Family, while giving lots of new cosplay opportunities, such as the dress that Wednesday wore to the Rave’n dance, Nevermore schools uniforms in Blue and Black (in case you’re allergic to colour), as well as dressing up as our new favourite werewolf, Enid (sorry Jacob!). While details of season 2 are a well-kept secret, we do know that there’s going to be a new member of the Addams family introduced. We’re hoping it’s Cousin Itt, but are prepared for wherever this fun show takes us.

Shhh! It’s a Secret…

We’ve had a sneak peek behind the curtain and can see there are lots of fun new costumes coming just around the corner. The standout movie hit of 2023 was the Barbie movie, with adult Barbie and Ken costumes flying off the shelves. The addition of a new Barbie Cowgirl costume for kids and adults is bound to be a hit when it comes in later this month. Combine it with a Barbie box and you’ve got an epic costume for any event!
February 2024 will also see the addition of Tom and Jerry kid's costumes! As if Toddlers don’t get up to enough mischief, these new licensed costumes will have your little ones causing mischief as they try to outsmart each other, in a battle that originated back in 1940! This cat and mouse duo is set to be a hit – but which one do you choose?
The new Star Wars series, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures will also be getting costumes in 2024! With Kai Brightstar, Nubs and Master Yoda costumes due to arrive around February. Set in the High Republic era, before the main Star Wars films, this animated series follows a group of younglings discovering the ways of the force. Aimed at preschoolers and younger children, this fun show takes the young Jedi on countless adventures while they learn to help others and explore the galaxy. The fun really is out of this world!
We’ve also heard a rumour that Strawberry Shortcake costumes for kids and adults will be headed our way in 2024! Fans of the original 1980s classic cartoon and dolls will want to keep their eyes peeled, along with kids who love the more recent Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City. We’re sure these new costumes will look delightfully delicious!


We hope you have a fun and safe Christmas break, and can’t wait for you to join us on another crazy journey of cosplays in 2024. With so many events in store for 2024, from hit movie premieres to Armageddon events around the country, we’ll be here to bring you the latest and greatest in costume trends in 2024 and beyond. Thanks for your support in 2023, it’s been a big year, and we look forward to doing it all again in 2024!

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