Couples Costumes to Love for Valentine’s Day

Couples Costumes to Love for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate your significant other. Sure you can shower them with chocolates and flowers, but how about a more lasting declaration of your love? Couples' costumes are the perfect way to reflect the love you have for each other, or just your mutual love of an epic fandom. Check out these ideas for couples costumes for you and your BAE!


A Disney Love Affair

Whether your love story is a Tale As Old As Time, A Whole New World, or For the First Time in Forever, there’s a Disney couples costume to suit you. Disney sure knows how to spin a tale of romance and happily ever after, and dressing as your favourite Disney couple will bring delight to your inner child and those around you too!

Aladdin costume for adultsDisney Princess Jasmine costume for adults from AladdinKristoff costume for adults from Disney's FrozenAnna costume for adults from Frozen


Couples Goals

A couple's costume can also say something about the type of relationship you have. Are you up to mischief and mayhem together like The Joker and Harley Quinn? Do you have a passion that outlasts the ages, like Gomez and Morticia Addams? Or are you the parental dream team of Chilli and Bandit from Bluey? These costumes will reflect your own epic love story through the characters you wear.

Bandit and Chilli costumes for adults from BlueyThe Joker costume for adultsHarley Quinn costume for adults


A Marvellous Pair

Marvel has some cute couples to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Choose from Iron Man and Iron Rescue, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Vision & Scarlet Witch, or even Captain America and his shield… Use your costumes for a romantic Valentine’s picnic, then be ready for your next convention outing!

Iron Man costume for adultsIron Rescue costume for adults from Iron ManAnt-Man costume for adultsThe Wasp costume for adults from Ant-Man


Celebrating a fandom

But what if your favourite fandom isn’t a love story? Unless you choose Han and Leia or Rey and Kylo, a couples costume from Star Wars tends to be a little problematic. But seriously, none of us were harmed by the kiss between Luke and Leia in Episode IV, so why not show off your mutual love of the ultimate space Western in matching costumes? The most popular Star Wars costumes are Leia and Darth Vader. So what if they’re dad and daughter?

Kylo Ren costume for adults from Star WarsRey costume for adults from Star WarsDarth Vader costume for adults from Star WarsPrincess Leia costume for adults from Star Wars


Superman and Supergirl are easily recognisable as a matching pair. What better way is there to show off your superhero status? Cousins or not, they’re super fun!

Superman costume for adultsSupergirl costume for adults


Canonical couples can also be problematic if it didn’t turn into Happily Ever After, like Batman and Catwoman, but they’re still beloved characters of one of our favourite fandoms and a great option for pairing up.

Catwoman costume for adults from Batman and DC ComicsMichael Keaton Batman costume for adults from The Flash


Another great option is Doctor Who and his enduring love – the Tardis!

5th Doctor costume for adults from Doctor WhoTardis Dress for adults from Doctor Who


Getting your Hogwarts house robes or favourite Care Bears costumes shows that you and your love are in sync.

Gryffindor Robe for Adults - makes a great group costume or cute couples cosplay!Slytherin Robes for Adults from Harry Potter - beware!Good Luck Bear onesie for adults from Care Bears. The cutest couple costumes or great for St Patrick's Day dress upsCheer Bear onesie for Adults. Pair up with Grumpy or Good Luck Bear for an adorable couples costume


Single this Valentine’s Day?

You don’t have to be in a couple to celebrate your love of your favourite characters. Why not treat yourself to a costume that celebrates those you Netflix and Chill with on a quiet night in?

Nevermore Academy Uniform for adultsUrsula costume for adults from The Little MermaidPickle Rick costumes for adults from Rick and Morty


There’s even a fun option if you want to be your own date!

Be Your Own Date - Man Woman costume


Whether your Valentine’s Day in 2024 is about your OTP, your passion for a fandom, or a little self-care, celebrate in style!


Valentine's Day Deal

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