Trolls World Tour - What Can We Expect?

Trolls World Tour - What Can We Expect?

If you were a kid in the 80’s and 90’s, you no doubt have a very fixed image of Trolls in your mind. They were HUGE! And if you were anything like me, the announcement of Universal’s new look Trolls and their 2016 movie was met with more than a touch of cynicism and reluctance, but then we saw it!

Thanks to an epic soundtrack and the brilliant casting of stars Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake to voice the lead characters and the myriad of stars signed on to voice the supporting Trolls, that film didn’t take long to become adored by kids and adults alike!

Four years on and, now, Queen Poppy, Branch and all our favourites are BACK with new friends and it’s going to be BIG! With the original, stellar cast back on board, this time the gang discover that they are not the only Trolls and are in fact just one of 6 types of Troll – POP! With the introduction of Techno, Funk, Classical, Country and Rock Trolls (plus a few more for laughs) the soundtrack opens up for so many classic music bangers that will make most grown ups tap their feet along with the kids.

Of course, with new characters and new musical styles explored, there must come new characters and new cast members – so here is a list of our Top 4 favs from the awesome new cast assembled for Trolls World Tour which (after a few Covid related release date changes) is FINALLY in cinemas TODAY!

  1. Queen Poppy – POP Troll (played by Anna Kendrick)

There is something unshakable about the original and can we go past Poppy in her new roll as Queen AND living her best life in FULL POP mode! There is only one Poppy and only one Anna Kendrick – and you just can’t have one without the other!

  1. Branch – POP Troll (played by Justin Timberlake)

No longer hiding in his bunker avoiding Bergins, singing, dancing and Hug Time! JT returns to voice an always level headed Branch who can finally unleash that voice of an angel whenever and wherever he likes! While we always loved grumpy Branch – Pop Branch is awesome!

  1. King Trollex – Techno Troll (played by Anthony Ramos)

When the beat rolls out to “One More Time” you can’t help but jump up and dance and King Trollex knows how to get the party started. Anthony has serious Broadway credit, appearing in Grease, In The Heights and Hamilton. Moving into film, Trolls World Tour is a great fit!

  1. Queen Barb – Rock Troll (played by Rachel Bloom)

With no Bergins in sight, there has to be a ‘Cinderella Story’ of sorts and Barb is it! Queen of the Rock Trolls, she is voiced by Rachel Bloom. This American actress, comedian, singer, songwriter is best known to grown ups instead of kids playing the lead in the musical comedy cult tv-show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as well as a notoriously cheeky comedy career. With plenty of voice work experience and a bagful of talent – Rachel Bloom ROCKS the roll of Queen Barb!

Get on out to rock, pop, funk and groove with Trolls World Tour in cinemas now and don’t forget to dress the part with our range of costumes from Rubie’s!


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