The Best Costumes for Celebrating Christmas & New Year in 2022

The Best Costumes for Celebrating Christmas & New Year in 2022

Will your kids be on Santa’s naughty or nice list? And just how does Santa know which kids have been naughty, and which have been nice? It’s the Elf on the Shelf, of course! The tradition began in 2005 with an adorable children’s book that explains just how the Scout Elves hide in your home by day and report back to Santa each night.


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The Elf on the Shelf tradition has brought us so many fun photos of the adventures (and mischief) these elves get up to in our homes. Now you can have human-sized Elf on the Shelf fun with the officially licensed Elf on the Shelf costumes. Available in kids and adults sizes, they’re the perfect way to upsize your Elf on the Shelf fun!


So, what will your human-sized elves get up to? Cooking, cleaning, and watching TV? Walking the dog or washing the car? Christmas shopping (of course!) and exploring your neighbourhood Christmas lights? Going to your school’s Christmas concert? How about the zoo to visit the reindeer? Or is your elf persona one for skydiving, surf lessons, or Go-Kart racing? We’d love you to tag us on Instagram in your Elf on the Shelf costume adventures!


Christmas Concerts and Nativity Plays

It's also the time to get your costumes ready for school Christmas concerts or nativity plays. The nativity range includes Mary, Joseph, Angels, and Wise Men. There are also Reindeer, Snowmen (and women!), elves, Candy Canes, and Nightmare Before Christmas for your less traditional Christmas converts. And just in case Santa needs a new suit, we’ve got those too!


Christmas Gifting

Don’t forget that costumes make a lasting Christmas present as well. The joy that lights up your child’s face when they unwrap their favourite superhero or Disney Princess costume on Christmas morning is a sight to see. Then the hours of fun as they transform themselves into the role again and again is great for imagination play, and for enjoying the Summer holidays.


New Year’s Parties

With all the getting ready for Christmas, don’t forget that New Year’s Eve Parties are on the horizon too! A themed dress-up party is a fun way to see out the old year and in with the new. Especially popular are decade-themed parties. Get your guests to dress from the decade that matches their age – in their 20s? Dress from the 1920s! In their 50s? It’s a poodle skirt or greaser costume! Or pick a specific decade for everyone to choose from.


Most popular decades



All the girls want to get in a flapper dress and the guys want to be Gangsters, it’s fun for everyone!




Perfect for hippy costumes, disco divas, and Farrah hair!




Choose from Stranger Things, your favourite movies or TV shows, or break out the neon!



Let’s have some fun and wind up this year in style.

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