Frozen 2 Costume Range Now Available

Frozen 2 Costume Range Now Available

In 2013 Frozen simply ROCKED the cinematic universe! No-one expected the sheer adoration this film would receive, by young and old, male and female and from every corner of the globe.

Hearts melted, tears flowed, laughter rang out and voices sang that infamous song day and night (yes, sometimes ALL day and ALL night….!)

But here’s why it was so sensational. The story is an empowering, heroic tale of sisterhood and emergence. It gives girls a voice (and snowmen one too)! It shows people of all ages and backgrounds that you can move mountains when you work as a team. And we know those deeply woven messages in children’s movies are there to be listened to, taught and practiced – not just by kids but by us all. 

So, when your daughter is ‘being’  Elsa, floating around the kitchen singing “Let It Go” (potentially a little off-key), and your son is bouncing around the backyard in his roll-y Olaf costume, you know it’s because movies like Frozen have created a generation of kids who imagine, dream, mimic and are inspired. With so much sadness in the world, these once-in-a-decade movies are there to up-lift and bring a real message of hope and happiness.

SO - everyone’s question is can Disney do it again? Can Disney re-create the magic? Well, based on the extraordinary hype, I’m tipping YES! This week sees the much-awaited sequel of our adventurous four Scandinavian friends Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff. They are set to face new challenges with a bunch of new-found friends, all of whom will no doubt jump straight into our hearts, just like the original characters.

And with every new Disney extravaganza, comes an array of divine costumes for kids (and adults) to dress up and “become” their heroes and heroines. It is with great excitement that we bring to you NEW costumes for the courageous Anna, the headstrong Elsa, the charming Olaf and for the first time ever, the humble Kristoff.

Elsa Premium Costume for Kids - Frozen 2 - Costume World

Elsa Premium Costume for Kids

Anna Premium Costume for Kids - Frozen 2

Anna Premium Costume for Kids

Olaf Costume Top for Kids - Frozen 2

Olaf Costume Top for Kids

Kristoff Deluxe Costume for Kids - Frozen 2

Kristoff Deluxe Costume for Kids


This Christmas bring some joy. Try them on - and get lost in the magic of Frozen 2 – it is sure to inspire you and yours, just as it did us and ours in 2013.

Have a Blissful Frozen 2, a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year from all of us here at Costume World.

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  • Tyler Staunton