Why Do Kids Love Dinosaurs So Much?

Why Do Kids Love Dinosaurs So Much?

Do you have one of those kids? You know the ones! We all either have or know one of those kids that are Dino-Mad! Have you ever wondered what it is that it is that makes kids LOVE Dinosaurs so much?

It’s a fact: Kids love dinosaurs. It’s one of those phases that most children seem to go through at some point. Whether its just a love of looking at pictures of these incredible beasts in books, making figurines attack and chase each other on the living room floor, dressing up and terrorising a sibling like the T-Rex did to the 4WD in Jurassic Park or absorbing and recounting every fact they can get their little sponge-like brains around… most kids have an affinity with these prehistoric monsters to some extent.

Confession Time

I was NOT a Dino kid. I do, however, distinctly remember the night I went to the movies in 1993 to see Jurassic Park. I also vividly remember spending much of the movie hiding under my mum’s coat and watching out in to the dark as we drove home, convinced that the silhouettes of the trees outside where the giant beasts ready to chase our car down the road.

Clearly, I was not Spielberg’s target audience.

I get it, dinosaurs are giant creatures who ruled the Earth for millions of years. They’re also mysterious. The fact that we’ll never know exactly what they looked like, how they acted, or if Jeff Goldblum could really look that cool trying to outrun them, just adds to their mystique. But flick forward 30 odd years and I will admit, I have since then harnessed the fear instilled in me as a child that night, and watched the rest of the films in the Jurassic World franchise. And survived.

A New Age

There is so much media for kids about dinosaurs without having to subject them to something that might scare the wits out of them (including books and documentaries), that they well and truly know what they look like. This means they just get to imagine what they’d do—whether it’s stomping on buildings, sending out ferocious roars, or researching meteors and the damage they can inflict. Thankfully, the Jurassic World franchise has caught on too and have developed the Camp Cretaceous animated series on NETFLIX to delight and amaze tyranno-fans, with a more, child friendly approach while still staying true to the Jurassic Park theme and the adventures that take place on Isla Nebular.

Now three seasons in, the Camp Cretaceous series is in full swing and gaining a growing audience of fans and fuelling the dino-craze in audiences far and wide once more. Jurassic World dinosaur costumes at Book Week & Halloween are increasingly popular thanks to the awesome costumes and accessories available to the market. No longer is mum sitting up trying to fashion a dinosaur tail out of a pair of pantyhose stuffed with newspaper!



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