Ready, Set Go! School Sports are Coming!

Ready, Set Go! School Sports are Coming!

School sports days are great for building the school community. The rivalry between houses promotes competition and helps kids strive to achieve. Whether your child is a running, high jump, or swimming champion, or one of the ones cheering on their teammates, a colourful costume is a great way to get into the spirit of the event.


Traditionally school houses have names that mean something to the school community. Whether they’re named after prominent figures, plants, animals, or even just the streets bordering the school, the names can be wide and varied. The colours, however, usually stay the same: Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue.


So, what are the dress-up options for each house? Check out this list below, for options for each house. We’ve even included our favourite house chants to go with them!


Green House

Green, green, the strongest team

Cheer, cheer, we’ll win this year!


If you’re the mighty green or the mean, green machine, support your team by going all out in green! Strong like the Hulk, clever like the Riddler, magical like McGonagall, or scary like a dinosaur, there’s plenty to choose from. From Teletubbies to Turtles – take your pick! We've also included some options for older kids, teachers, and parents too!


Click Here for Green House Costumes for Kids            

Click Here for Green House Costumes for Teens & Adults


Red House

Red is hot

We can’t stop

‘Til we get

To the top!


We all know red cars are faster, does that apply to red house too? From Iron Man in his red suit to Knuckles and the Incredibles with their super-speed, we say yes! Check out these Red costumes for kids and adults to cheer on Red House this year!


Click Here for Red House Costumes for Kids

Click Here for Red House Costumes for Teens & Adults



Yellow House

Yellow is here so clear the decks

Put the medals 'round our necks


Yellow may be cool, and yellow may be mellow, but they know how to turn it up a level! Sweet as Belle, cheeky as Tweety, fast as Tails, or hard-working as a minion. Yellow house has dress-up options for all ages.


Click Here for Yellow House Costumes for Kids           

Click Here for Yellow House Costumes for Teens & Adults


Blue House

Blue are the waves

Blue is the sky

You’ll be waving

As we fly by!


Blue house is full of ice-cold competitors, leaping high as the clouds, running fast as the wind, and slicing through the water like dolphins! Step up for Blue House by being as ferocious as Sully, fun-loving as Bluey, speedy as Sonic, or as enchanting as Elsa! We’ve got plenty of options for supporting Blue House – for kids, teens, parents, and teachers. 


Click Here for Blue House Costumes for Kids               

Click Here for Blue House Costumes for Teens & Adults


Haven’t quite found what you’re looking for? Does your Hogwarts House match your School Sports house? If so, you can wear your house colours with extra pride! 

Gryffindor Slytherin Hufflepuff Ravenclaw


Stop the presses!

If your school is a little fancy and has different colour houses, there may still be costumes here for you!

Purple House Orange House Black House White House


However you dress up to cheer your team home, remember to have fun and stay sun-smart. And good luck to all the houses!


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