Don't Miss the Jurassic World by Brickman Exhibition

Don't Miss the Jurassic World by Brickman Exhibition

Wellington’s new convention centre, Takina, has opened with an exhibition of monstrous proportions – the Jurassic World by Brickman exhibition. Time is running out to see this epic display, so get in quickly, before it becomes extinct!


The Jurassic World franchise has been a huge hit with audiences, and the interactive exhibit is proving so as well. It truly is a mammoth undertaking, with 18 months of planning before a single exhibit was built, and then a further 12 months to create the displays. The team spent about 13,000 hours building the exhibition pieces. It is made of 6 million bricks for those who want to try and count them!


The exhibition, which takes 10 shipping containers to transport from location to location, has toured Australia before touching down in Wellington in June. It is the pet project of Ryan McNaught (aka Brickman) the Southern Hemisphere’s only LEGO Certified Professional and host of LEGO Masters Australia.


From the moment you step through the giant Lego-constructed 4-metre-high Jurassic World gates with the soundtrack swelling, it’s like stepping into another time and place. The exhibition features over 50 large-scale scenes, props and dinosaurs, some of which are larger than their real-life versions!


There are lots of places to build Lego structures as part of the exhibit, making it interactive for the kids. It’s not just like a museum or gallery where they can look but not touch. These stations are featured throughout the exhibit so that kids can create buildings, scenes, dinosaur footprints, and even design their own dinosaur. One station encourages kids to design a vehicle with test tracks to see how durable their creations are. 


Older kids can participate in a 2-minute challenge to help track an escaped dinosaur. There are activities for the little kids too, including Duplo build stations. This is part of the Baby Dinosaur section, but don’t let the name fool you, these Lego babies are huge!


There are plenty of giant Lego dinosaurs to be photographed next to so that they can have a reminder of your adventure into Jurassic World. There’s even a Lego Jeep for kids (& adults!) to climb aboard, and a giant T-Rex whose mouth is the perfect size for eating guests.



The exhibition ends on October 16th, so make sure you get in before it leaves our shores. Maybe you’d even like to go dressed in our licensed Jurassic World costumes!

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